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GPJ2001 fiber optic splice closures
Item: GPJ2001 fiber optic splice closures

The closure adopts mechanical sealing structure. There is one oval shaped cable port entrances in base. The big entrance is used for the sealing of uncut straight-through fiber cable, the small ports are used for branch fiber cable and drop cable.
To adopt engineering PC plastic with high-strength to make the closure has longer life time and excellent sealing performance.
It can be installed one 1:16 blockless PLC splitter in max. One 1:16 or two 1:8 bare PLC splitter.
There are different drop cable elements to be chosen (5,2*3). Max. 18pcs drop cable input/output (special type Can be customized).
The patented sealing structure keep good sealing performance after re-entry and re-using.
It could save the installation time and improve work efficiently.
Suitable for bunchy fibers
Aerial, underground, wall-mounting, hand hole-mounting and duct-mounting
Its especially applicable to FTTH optical fiber distribution
Optical Splice Trays

Type Splice Tray Capacity Wiring mdule Qty Max. Qty Splitter Tray Max. Type of Adaptor & Max. Qty Max. Capacity
GPJ-2001 I(Bunchy) 5 pcs (12-24f per tray) None 1 None 120F
GPJ-2001 II(Bunchy) 2 pcs (12-24f per tray) 1 1 SC 18 pcs 48F