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GPJ-D005 fiber optic splice closures
Item: GPJ-D005 fiber optic splice closures
1.     Scope of application
This Installation Manual suits for the Fiber Optic Splice Closure (Hereafter abbreviated as FOSC), as the guidance of proper installation.
The scope of application is: aerial, underground, wall-mounting, duct-mounting and handhole- mounting. The ambient temperature ranges from C40 to +65.
2. Basic structure and configuration
2.1 Dimension and capacity
Outside dimension (Height x Diameter)
Weight (excluding outside box)
2300 g 2500g
Number of inlet/out ports
6 pieces in general
Diameter of fiber cable
8mm25 mm
Capacity of FOSC
Bunchy: 6-96 (cores), Ribbon: up to 144 (cores)